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Travel Plan

Travel Plan
Our School Travel Plan is supported by the whole school community and demonstrates our long-term commitment to improving safety and reducing congestion on the roads.

Park and Stride
This is a fun walking initiative for the children.  Children receive a passport to fill with stickers on the days they walk, cycle, scooter or ride their pony to school.  When the passport is full (40 stickers) they receive a new passport and a leaflet offering a range of free activities e.g. a child's swim at the Swan Pool.  See the walking map for where to park and walk to school.  There are no roads to cross and its a great opportunity to have a conversation with your child.  Speak to Mrs. Hoskins to join.

Our KS1 children receive footsteps training during their time at Thornborough Infant School.  Footsteps is a pedestrian training scheme for young children, which develops awareness of roads and aims to give them an understanding of road safety. Children are taken into the local area with a trained tutor to observe the traffic and discuss road safety. They learn about finding and using safe places to cross the road and are taught to “stop, look, listen.”  Footsteps trainers and children wear high-visibility tabards in a one-to-one or, one-to-two adult-to-child ratio, with the children holding the adult's hand at all times. If you are interested in becoming a Footsteps trainer please speak to us.

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