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Reading is fundamental to learning. To be able to read and to be proficient in it, is a lifelong learning skill, that’s why it matters to us.  We want or children to succeed both academically and pastorally; quality teaching of reading, writing and language skills, will allow our children to do just that, succeed. Our children play a big part in our reading philosophy, as too, our families.  At Thornborough, we have created a positive reading culture within our school which is clearly evident through our children’s love, motivation and passion for reading. Quality teaching that shows consistency and fidelity to a phonics scheme is key to the foundations of reading. 

At Thornborough we are in the wonderful position to promote a love of reading. With engaging and high quality teaching, resources and a nurturing learning environment, we are able to make that imprint and a love of reading from the very beginning of a childs school journey.   We want all our children to be successful readers and to read for pleasure both in and outside school.


‘Making sure that children become engaged with reading from the beginning is one of the most important ways to make a difference to their life chances, whatever their socio-economic background’

The Reading Framework DfE July 2021



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