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Our Aims and Values

Our Core Values

Being the small school that we are, our core values are the foundation
with which we nurture and inspire our children.
We are more than a school;
We are a family.

You Matter

You are part
of a community

You Master

Teaching and learning through a knowledge rich curriculum

You’re Marvellous

Valuing every child, their wellbeing and success.

Our Aims

We want every child that attends our school to feel safe and to flourish.  We achieve this by investing in the pastoral care of each child. Our school is rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted and our core values are at the heart of the school.  The staff share the same philosophy of the school and are committed to the wellbeing and development of every child. Our pupil and staff ratios are excellent and we have strong home school links with our families. Our teaching and learning is bespoke to our children and our high quality, knowledge rich curriculum inspires and enriches.


Within the curriculum we embed values and ensure our children know them. We focus on our values every term; they are:


We have a special celebration assembly once a week when children receive their ‘Values badge’ which they have gained by showing their understanding of a specific value.

The school complies with the Equality Act (2010) at all times. 

A copy of the act can be found'. 

Contact Us

Thornborough Infant School, High Street, Thornborough, Bucks, MK18 2DF
01280 812219