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Key Stage 1 - Year 1 & 2

After the fantastic start our children have in Reception through the EYFS curriculum, they are more than ready to grow and be enriched by the Key Stage 1 (KS1) curriculum we offer at Thornborough. We have a combined class for Year 1 and 2 children, which supports peer mentoring and our school ethos. 

The curriculum in KS1 covers a set of key subjects, which, through our knowledge rich teaching and learning, children thrive.  We have implemented a curriculum for our children that considers our local, national and global communities, that embeds core values, provides opportunities for ‘cultural capital’, is creative and progressive. Simply put, our children are happy, nurtured and are confident learners.

A typical day in our Year 1 and 2 class starts with  phonics and a reading session, moving to Literacy and Numeracy lessons.  Our afternoons are spent developing our knowledge in the Foundation subjects ‘sandwiched’ with brain breaks and story time.

The Oak Room, is the Year 1 and 2 classroom; it is a calm and spacious learning environment, where children feel safe and valued.  When appropriate, they also use the adjoining classroom, Willow Room.  We have a fabulous outside area, where we regularly take our learning outside and are at one with our natural surroundings.

We are passionate about KS1 education and our children thrive at Thornborough.  Our teaching and learning in Year 1 and 2 equips each child with knowledge and enrichment that they carry with them ready for their next step into KS2.

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