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Curriculum Overview

At Thornborough we believe in delivering a curriculum that is unique to us.  A curriculum that is knowledge rich and child focused.  During their academic year, children at Thornborough, are taught an ambitious and creative curriculum. This means, that by the end of the specific year, each child will have subject specific knowledge, that they understand and can apply independently to their learning. This knowledge is embedded, transferable and continued to be ‘built on’ from Reception to Year 1; Year 1 to Year 2.

Our pedagogy is child focused and nurturing.  We ensure our learning environment is calm and safe, and through our teaching and learning, we have high expectations for our children.  We use the ‘spacing, interleaving and retrieval’ approach to teaching and learning.  We teach sequential lessons to ensure our children's knowledge grows to complete the skills ‘composite’ of a specific. subject.  This approach supports long term memory and knowledge retrieval.

We ensure a quality continuous provision environment too, with nature and our outside world having an important, positive and creative place in our classrooms.

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Thornborough Infant School, High Street, Thornborough, Bucks, MK18 2DF
01280 812219